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Indoor Laser Target Shooting

5 & 10 Shotgun Indoor Target Shooting

Random programmable static shotguntargets are used indoors on themed backdrops such as; 'Moons & Planets', 'Wild West', 'Country Birds', 'Mission Impossible' or even your own specific logo's or theme.

Indoor target shooting requires a floor area of 5 metres x 3 metres and a working height of 2.0 metres.

Indoor target shooting is a must for indoor activities such as a team building exercise or just for fun.

Suitable for ages 10+

Crystal Target Shooting

Crystal Target Shooting is an indoor multi-target reaction game which can be played using our Crystal Laser Tag Guns Crystal Target Shooting consists of a number of small target modules that are mounted on a backdrop of your choice. These are then fired at using the laser guns provided. The backdrop can be themed or simply black.

Head-to-Head or 3-v-3 Individual scoring or Team scoring.

Suitable for ages 7+

Lasershot - Projection Target Shooting

'Dove shoot', 'Speed Trap', 'Pheasant Flush', 'Bullseye Blast' or 'Wild West'...

Marksman Leisure offer a system that projects images on to a silver screen as a target for you to aim your lasers at and fire. With use of a Laser Rifle or Laser Pistol for shooting, this indoor laser game is a simple activity for everyone as part of your activity day. The game is suitable for both single or paired players.

Suitable for ages 10+

Lasershot games

5 & 10 Shotgun Indoor Target Shooting